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(25.86 KB 811x809 EQjg9_bXkAQ7IuN.png)
/pmg/ Projekt Melody General Meta Anonymous 09/11/2020 (Fri) 13:40:28 No. 4
shiny and new edition Useful links: https://pastebin.com/xQVnUxCN PSA 1 Link: https://youtu.be/FZ2ljW6nhDw PSA 2 Link: https://youtu.be/1a2f4DgTbL4 TCW Link: https://youtu.be/I7b3HWKB1UA PSA 3 script (latest edition):Pastebin: https://pastebin.com/AQ6p2knh >please submit your auditions for the latest PSA the casting call ends 9/14 and then a vote will begin.
i may have deleted a bunch of testing posts but hi welcome
(41.00 KB 256x243 Optimized-tbb_cocoaahhhh.png)
We're testing out new board software please don't be mad, also we'll be theming this don't worry!
(340.68 KB 1440x2032 EeqXKg6XsAIwdIE.jpg)
>>4 pls save >>69 for mokaposting, she deserves it <3
testing testing 1 2 3 testing testing moka pee
(159.72 KB 688x600 EdrofC8U8AArdJ5.png orig.png)
Energy charging. Lynxchan eh? How's it compare?
it looks nice, good job
>>19 yeah its really nice you do good work kuroforce. Please dont burn yourselves out though.
webm test and also reposting cause you deserve it again bunny
>>17 its 110% better in every way imaginable
>>21 o theres mroe logos to replace some other time ree
>>21 A Shadowrun fan? The interface will take some getting used to, but I like it so far.
>>25 perhaps the software/lynx devs are, we gotta get a custom image for webm previews, or disable them entirely
>>26 can it just be the first frame?
>>28 well its a clickthrough to show the full size of the webm, good news that webms work tho, also theres a higher upload limit and no post cooldown so thats some quality of life stuff, plans for the booru are still a go, and it'll have plenty of files over 4ch's limit so it'll be nice, and we can hopefully let koikatsu degens and artists populate it with proper tags there and let people share stuff around here. i think theres some good plans atleast i dunno though, people may just not be interested
heck i even considered mentioning this place to the new hololive global thread on 4ch, because they were having an identity crisis being on jp, they may be in the same boat as pmg now when wanting to talk about hololive en
>>30 once we have this place figured out sure, but for now lets keep it to /pmg/ and then we can expand outwards once we can
>>30 That would be opening a massive can of worms. A reminder that /pmg/'s good days and the development of FDR are abnormal events for 4chan as a whole.
>>33 true but i imagine we're not that unique to be the only people to be decent on a basket weaving forum
(10.25 KB 178x179 Ear50lJWkAA44A4.jpg)
>>33 What can of worms exactly? /jp/'s traditionally blunt personality? I'd actually love that though.
>>36 i mean we'd have multiple boards and generals, it'd just be all kinda vtuber related anyway, like right now someone could make an fdr meta thread, or they can request a sfw or nsfw board (if people give me name ideas because idk) but then instead of just having a meta thread, we could have an actual alternative type thing. heck we'll need one soon for booru populating and sauce hunting
>>36 >>35 Right now, we have to deal with occasional gasoline fires. I have a feeling that adding the hololive audience would be like adding plastic to said gasoline.
>>38 they've got their own things as im sure we do too xd just was a thought, wouldnt happen tomorrow or anything, i mean unless someone made it happen tomorrow, dunno though
new page looks sexy <3
>>30 if theres one thing ive learned from looking at those vtuber threads in /jp/ and /v/ when they happen its that these hololive people dont give a shit about people that arent part of the company so i say fuck em
>>41 jp's hlg seems pretty similar in pmg in many ways to be fair
>>42 then have them fucking stay there they're not related to melody in any way, and they're not making porn they don't belong in /pmg/ and they don't belong on /aco/ or here.
(29.30 KB 128x128 729415215053275189.png)
>>43 i gotchu i gotchu, just was kinda talking out loud
>>43 You can take that "just Monika" crap elsewhere.
>>47 its Melody and lewdtuber general they're not related to melody, and they don't make porn tell me why they should be a part of any of this
>>49 i mean yeah, just was throwing around the idea of another board or thread
>>49 This place is whatever we want it to be and we have the option to evolve it further. I (rightly, apparently) cautioned against welcoming their channel here anytime soon because of the potential firestorm but as I mention elsewhere, FDR has no direct connection with any streamer, much less lewd streamers. Don't close off potential directions of growth without good reason.
>>51 I would say we shouldn't want to welcome hololive in general because the company and idol culture in general is anathema to the message that FDR promotes.
>>52 it's not as if this place would allow riots and abuse, but if people are running into the same issue as us why not extend an olive branch right? even if it's not used
>>52 The corporation can go teabag a wood chipper, I agree. The audience and streamers, however, could benefit from guidance. I just don't think now is a good time. Give it a few days, maybe a week for things to... calm down.
(12.34 KB 485x191 KAJpvYq.png)
welp you all will have to go without me for a couple days on aco, i got banned for making a correct report, but jannies are retarded. stop doxxing vtubers on pmg you fucking retards
ill just sleep drink and lurk i guess, got some games to play too
jp jannies delete the posts that have that stuff, but aco jannies dont give a shit, god i'm seething
>>56 I'm anticipating people being sent to /pmg/ from the /jp/ garbage fire, and then we'll just end up with more of those "take down indieen vtubers" posts. The audience for idols are super territorial, that's what's caused all the shit in the first place.
im not pushing for hololive specifically, im just pushing for inclusivity of fans of other vtubers aside from the big 4. we can have a thread for small indieEN and talking about vtubers under like 5k followers, like it's really flexible, it's just vtubers are a cool and broad topic and we can do so much more with it
>>61 I wouldn't consider it doxing either honestly, saying 'persona 1 = persona 2' is different from saying who they are irl
whoever is talking to/about me on pmg, i cant respond Q.Q
also cant forget to secure the moka monument
(140.82 KB 850x1200 EfT1kTNXYAINeqM.jpg)
(340.68 KB 1440x2032 EeqXKg6XsAIwdIE.jpg)
(283.13 KB 1440x2005 EfT1kKAXsAALAr4.jpg)
we love and miss you mokacutie be safe out there we're happy when you stop by
>>66 except doxxing is literally what they're doing, they're taking a vtuber and sharing their irl images and social media that's kept private and separate, you're joking right?
>>70 >sharing their irl images and social media I didn't see any of that on pmg tho? have they deleted it? the post you referenced was just saying the musical persona
>>71 yeah man, providing people the name to look up to find that stuff totally isn't doxxing, whatever you say
>>69 hehe yay, love seeing these pictures again <3 love you anons!
(29.30 KB 128x128 729415215053275189.png)
oh please god stop eating bait in my defense
>>75 probably shouldn't have said you'd be gone for a while only trigged them to throw the baits
(18.27 KB 466x322 D2sPn5iX4AQ6Pwf.jpg)
>>76 i didnt know people were so gullible without me calling it out though, like right now with everyone flinging shit on the hololive people? just report it for off topic, jp corporate waifus speaking japanese on stream right now as im typing this, i dunno man, everyone is so whiney
i dunno why people are being so nitpicky about their right to dox 4ch says "contains personal information". It is personal information and knowledge as to who someone is behind a virtual avatar, unless it's said by the person themselves, or shown by them, it's personal, private, and considered doxxing when others attempt to detectivefag and shit around the last person it happened to on hololive couldn't even fucking debut and got completely cancelled from the lineup. dunno why this is the hill people are choosing to die on. that shit isn't going to fly here, sorry if that's a dealbreaker for you. not banning for it if it's an honest slip or mistake, but it's just completely offtopic to anything to do with vtubers and vtuber content. who someone is irl, what they've done before being a vtuber, what they've said before being a vtuber, what they looked like before being a vtuber. That's not stuff you're entitled to know without their consent.
>>77 >pmgratherbemadthanbored.png
(40.10 KB 128x128 melSweat_bg.png)
pls dont get banned for something dumb like posting loli in aco
>>75 >>76 Only post about twice a day, can't waste any of them on bare metal hooks. The chomping of bait is SOP for /pmg/. It gets to the point where it is sometimes difficult to tell whether some posters are mentally handicapped, new to the thread, or merely trolling. As a side note, when was the last time you slept?
>>80 would they ban clothed lolis?
>>81 12 hours >>82 i mean, either its offtopic or bannable, and both arent allowed, its a board for posting porn, if you post a clothed loli isn't that just seen as fetish imagery? thats like uploading a childrens talent show to pornhub, the context is weird
Whew, came back after a busy day and everything is on fire in there, thanks for giving us a hopefully cooler place over here to retreat to. Whenever pmg gets an injection of a lot of new blood, there’s a real clash as pmg regulars push back hard and newcomers double down in response. I like new blood, but those of you who don’t and those of you who don’t like hololive in particular: getting mad at the new blood and being dicks about it has never, ever worked. There are still Lilysimps and Mokasimps and Silversimps talkign regularly. There are still dnd hazmats, there are still tg hazmats. For those of you who want hololive discussion “out”, making them their own thread was the most direct path to what you want. Now you have a place to avoid that discussion, unlike pmg on /aco/
>>84 thank you
>so the donation limit is only one vid per person wrong
everyone is so mad about being on topic, it doesnt take a lot to go to rule34 and look up "vtuber" and post some stuff to get back on topic :/
>>87 you gotta go do something else man.
It can get pretty tiring when the autism levels are that high in the thread. Days like this make me glad I have productive hobbies. You folks take care of yourselves and have a good night. I'll see you bright and early tomorrow morning.
>>89 I hear you man today was exhausting. it seems like someone needs to be put on meds or have their meds increased. besides all that I made it into Mouse's VRC meet up to say hi and talk to her for a bit. too bad I was nervous as all hell. and have a good night and hope tomorrow is better on the 4chan side of /PMG/
>>90 glad you were able to do that (: also to whoever donated and it didnt play and you didnt get a refund, you probably donated as anonymous because we always get replacement videos if a video isnt allowed
Its gone be one of these weeks huh? Fucking hell.
>>96 it's been a long one haha.. :/
>>97 At least it seems to have calmed down a bit.
>>98 yeah i welcome the break at this point, going to enjoy oneesan for a while (':
>>99 Take a break and chill out im sure you need a rest
How are you doing bunny? Enjoying your pmg break?
>>101 he's still browsing and obsessing over it, I don't really call that a break.
>>102 Kick him in the pants and tell him to chill and watch a stream he doesnt moderate or watch a movie with friends.
>>102 seems more like torture to his bunny mod mind
A little video was released today that doesn't fit into the whole vtuber topic, but does focus on a method for battling depression that we only touched on in the script. A good hobby can be very therapeutic. https://youtu.be/8tguJRj2vts
Putting the poll here also. https://www.strawpoll.me/20938078
>>106 should we make supplementary graphics perhaps for the video and a tweet or two? a hazmat's guide to fitness to watch vtubers, and a hazmat's pyramid of health, and like a tweet draft maybe of where people can get mental help and support
(560.56 KB 1819x1689 foodpyramid.jpg)
>>107 It would probably help Editanon's role. This pyramid is the best one in my opinion because it gets specific. Artists would probably need a little more detail for the other graphics you have in mind. Feel free to put out the call, this isn't my show.
give me a min ill make a new thread
>>109 i didnt make this thread BTW i deleted mine so we didnt have a conflict with 2 threads
I don't know where else to write this but I am full of anger I just watched the first ever episode of jojo and can someone tell me if Danny will ever be avenged cause I'm MAD AS HECK
>>111 danny is in a better place now
>>112 :( am very sad. loved Danny.
(490.05 KB EmnFz1t.mp4)
>>113 hes a good boy.
>>111 I haven't seen the series, so I don't know what the fuss is. I gather he was a source of manly tears. I will share a little song from my (much) younger days, back when music was recorded on thin magnetic strips. Tissues are suggested. https://youtu.be/3WDRxtd-2dQ
>>115 my tears were not manly, but they were still tears :'( I will accept this song as a tribute to Danny. Rip you good boy.
A reminder, fuck digi
I've got a request. If I'm not around sometime this Friday to effectively close the vote, could someone let Voiceanon know about the results and ask if his first take is the one he wants to go with? I had a bit of a development recently and I would appreciate knowing that things will keep going if something comes up. These are the two audio files I have from him currently: https://vocaroo.com/19iTX87Mxere https://voca.ro/1lF4YNnSiGZ6
>>125 we'll keep it noted here and make sure we get confirmation of which he wants and if edit anon needs anything else
>>126 Much appreciated. Just wanted to cover the bases. Should probably put out a call for some visual direction and hunt for clips when people are done talking about soda cans. Editanon should still have a rather large pile of music to draw from, left over from previous videos.
Closer than I thought it would be. Time to prod people for clips and find out if that is the take Voiceanon wants to use.
The main thread will probably soon go pear shaped, as it usually does on stream days, so I'll bring this up here. Had a shower thought earlier. One anon stated (correctly) that my voice is not fit for standard PSA lines, but is (arguably) fairly good for more serious or dramatic tones. The vote was probably that close because of the specific line I read. Would you want to use that voice clip to wrap up the video? Tell me your thoughts and don't worry about stepping on my ego. I really don't mind either way.
>>125 Voicefag here; I recorded that take on the assumption it wasn't the final draft, but i'm always happy to rerecord if the community and/or editfag isn't satisfied with the quality. >>171 I for one welcome someone to contrast my nasally Trey Parker impression. Honestly it's up to the community as far as i'm concerned; you could all decide I suck and tell me to go away tomorrow and I'd just go back to being another anon.
Thank god we’re back. Normally it’s obvious when the main thread is about to have a flood of new blood, but I don’t know where this new batch of rowdies came from and I’m not a fan >>171 I will second the idea of having multiple voices in the video, it helps separate out the content from the wrap-up
>>180 I think your voice may be a little too iconic for anyone else to pick up the role. It just fits too well. Glad to see you are sticking with us, brother. >>181 It honestly wasn't something I even considered until I saw how close the vote was. I'll put a strawpoll once Editanon reaches that point. Speaking of, it may be prudent to ask an artist or two to make some stills for our visuals, rather than clip hunting. The rest of the main thread doesn't appear to be as interested in contributing this time around.
Voicefag again; I'm going to be doing recording for an unrelated music project this weekend so I'll go ahead and wring out another take or three before I blow out my voice. Let me know if you have any suggestions or criticisms you'd like me to take into consideration for these takes.
>>190 Hmm... The only suggestion that comes to mind is to feel free to change bits of the wording if it just feels awkward and you can make it sound better. I know some lines can look good on paper but feel like you're speaking Klingon when read out loud.
(393.71 KB 811x573 4103819.jpeg)
its alive!
https://vocaroo.com/1cv7TjEbmKfl https://vocaroo.com/11Nr3jvfSlXC Aplolgies for the delay; music project was axed due to blogshit-tier drama I'll spare you all the details of.
>>194 hope you get a chance for another project sometime soon, you seemed excited, nice takes as well!
Well, it has been a week and not one clip has been submitted. Bumping that still image request from an artist or two. Not sure the video will progress, otherwise.
>>199 i have a feeling that psa3 will be a slow project, i dont think it'll be prioritized by people until things quiet down, there's just too much change and drama as of late
>>200 Did my post get deleted?
>>202 i dont think so why
>>203 Because I didn't delete it and it isn't there.
>>204 all posts are accounted for, i'm not sure what you mean >>199 it's right above my post
>>205 That is very odd. I made post #201 in reply to #200. Does the count get refunded if the most recent number is deleted? Either that or I am having one hell of a senior moment... Let me test this...
>>206 i made >>201 in /site/ and deleting doesnt refund post counts, so it might just be a small oversight of what reply number it was
>>208 that's why there's so many missing test posts and the thread starts at >>4 and goes to like >>11
>>209 Disregard, then. Gonna chalk it up to sleep deprivation or a glitch and let these sleeping pills kick in.
>>210 have a safe night man
Posting this here for archival purposes mostly. I will ask a couple artists for help next Wednesday if some flavor of progress isn't made with the video.
>>221 pmg is in a state of change it seems like, idk how long itll last, but fdr will come back
>>222 No doomer and no bitterness, but I think we might be waiting on pmg main too much. The makeup of the group has changed a lot, and I don’t mind it because the culture hasn’t gone to shit, but I think those interested in the PSA just aren’t as present anymore or are drowned out. I don’t want to lose momentum and prove the doomers right. Are the artists Ariadne and Joken? I vote reaching out to them now rather than later. If we were able to gather what we needed we’d have done it by now, the extra two days won’t makes difference
>>223 I don't want to mention names to make sure there isn't any sort of pressure if they turn me down. A lot of the time gaps have been to give the benefit of the doubt for /pmg/ as a whole. Its really up to the production team how fast or slow we go, I'm kinda pulling my leadership punches while still nudging things forward with our initial community framework in mind.
>>224 Ah my bad on the names that makes sense. Both things do. I tend to lack patience and want to surge ahead as soon as we can in however ewe can, but I do understand a lot of things have changed during this and we’re trying to stabilize a bit
(18.36 KB 465x262 guidelines.jpg)
>>225 Trust me, I know how you feel. If you have any better ideas, let us know. This isn't the Fitdad show and nothing is set in stone.
Looks like editanon is next up to bat, someone decided to drop a list of clips right before the deadline. >https://boards.4chan.org/aco/thread/4547544#p4549682 In addition to the food pyramid image in this thread, that should be everything. Let us know if there is anything else you need.
>>226 >>230 Including whether some of us should start looking into learning to edit. If you’ve got this you’ve got this, but we should also start shoring up our single-points-of-failure so it’s not all on one person for a specific thing
(132.34 KB 1280x914 1590017713984.jpg)
Hey, just wanna stop by FDR labs to say I also feel a bit guilty not helping out much, I always had little to do with PSA other than inputs and a draft on second episode of the radio show, thing is I don't have much creativity for it, am trying to fill my time with other stuff after months of being obsessed with vtubers while still holding them and FDR//pmg/ close to my heart. Also although I feel the turbulent times are behind us (for now) and things aren't urging for change, I still think FDR can do good with the PSAs. I'll still be around, Cheers!
>>232 Be my guest. I used to make some youtube videos a few years ago, so I could probably make it a one-man show if push came to shove. It just wouldn't be much of a community project at that point. >>235 Its 100% volunteer work. Don't feel guilty.
Uh hey, i was told in PMG to post this here because I'd really like some constructive feedback on my streams and also to hopefully foster a nice community ^^; Just a quick refresher, my name is Iri (Pronounced like Eerie) and I am a new vtuber who has slowly come to embrace being a Boomer Waifu. I know me and Kuro have had lovely arguments from time to time about game design but I love the dorky bunny (despite them being wrong :3). I primarily stream games from the 6th Generation and back and any that take inspiration from what are considered Boomer Shooters or classic cRPGs. I stream at twitch.tv/irithewitch though not on a set schedule yet, I'm still trying to figure out how I want to run that and work around my day job.
>>253 hi iri its still /pmg/ just more moderated and we can talk a bit more about off topic stuff. Id encourage you to try a few games in between streams and whatever was most interesting to you play on stream.
>>253 Thank you. I will check the vod sometime tomorrow and offer what specific constructive criticism I can. In the meantime, this is a more general advice copypasta... >Make sure your sound is clear. >Don't chase numbers. >Don't compare yourself to other streamers. >Stream content that you enjoy, not what you think someone else would. >Get some proper rest. >Don't worry about missing a deadline/stream, but letting people know what happened helps. >Be yourself and have fun. You don't need to put on an act. >Be transparent with your audience. >Accept constructive criticism but ignore exclusively negative comments. >Try not to get political. >Try to stay away from drama. >Beware entitled simps. >Make sure your anonymity is secure. Get some advice if you're not sure. >A quality mod team is critical for success. >Trust your mod team. Ask them for help if you need it.
>A quality mod team is critical for success. Oh boy do I need one. v.v I want to get a good one but I’m afraid of asking friends because nepotism.
>>255 >>256 I had a lot of issues bringing on mods for the same reason and also because I'm a control freak. In retrospect, I'm glad I went with community members, not friends. You want mods who support you and want you to succeed, but you also need to be able to de-mod if they're not working out, you need to be able to get their feedback in a context that's not colored by other things... Essentially you need a relationship with your mods that's not influenced by non-waifu things.
>>253 Watching it now, a good chunk of the start is muted by twitch, so I can't give any feedback on that bit. Normally I would say to avoid anything that would trigger a DMCA but that is something that will get worse no matter what. Write your congressman. The Good: >+Audio is clear, didn't catch any peaks or pops. >+Taste in games is subjective, but the layout really has that classic first person game vibe, adding to the presentation without blocking HUD elements. >+You know your subject matter. >+Engaged with your audience (even if its just Biz and Kidozy). The Bad: >-Not sure if I just missed it, but I doubt everyone knows what a Disciple of D'Sparil is. >-Stream length is a bit random so far. I'd suggest three hours with a break. Streaming with some form of regularity or setting a schedule will also help. >-I didn't see any mods. You will want one or two right now just in case your hate-fans find you. Speaking of... The Ugly: >Growth is best facilitated outside of a stream through networking and word of mouth. This means you may have a bit of an uphill battle if you want to create a "nice community". Your actions have damaged your chances whether intended or not and you may need to work to repair said damage.
>>258 >+Taste in games is subjective, but the layout really has that classic first person game vibe, adding to the presentation without blocking HUD elements. You're close, i actually based it on the original Everquest UI (Pre Velious era) which was based on games like Might and Magic, Wizardry, and other first person RPGs of the time. >-Not sure if I just missed it, but I doubt everyone knows what a Disciple of D'Sparil is. We'd talked about Heretic and Hexen last stream and Biz was there ^^; probably should have communicated better for anyone ever going back through the archives. >-Stream length is a bit random so far. I'd suggest three hours with a break. Streaming with some form of regularity or setting a schedule will also help. I'm trying to get some kind of schedule working and the main problem is the unfortunately unpredictable nature of my family. The joys of a pandemic + insane housing and apartment prices in my area. RN I want to try and lock in Mon/Wed/Fri/Sat. But ya know how relying on other people tends to end up. >-I didn't see any mods. You will want one or two right now just in case your hate-fans find you. Speaking of... ...man i wanna change this so bad. No idea where i'd find mods since most everyone i know is either busy or doing their own streams. >Growth is best facilitated outside of a stream through networking and word of mouth. This means you may have a bit of an uphill battle if you want to create a "nice community". Your actions have damaged your chances whether intended or not and you may need to work to repair said damage. Yeah, i'll be honest I SUCK at networking just because I have that lovely "why would anyone wanna do anything with me I'm lame" problem. @_@
>>259 Not sure "lame" is the word that most would use. Just try to follow my one commandment and things should work out fine. https://youtu.be/-hsgoOnC47k?t=28
Advice on a good, clear mic that isn't going to put me in the poorhouse please fellas. I know about pop filters but that's a band-aid on a bullet wound if i'm rocking a $15 headset.
>>262 A Blue yeti/nessie gave me some pretty good results for the price. You can also try RTX voice for noise canceling (works best with an appropriate card). The software is free.
>>262 budget?
>>263 I'm seeing a few different models online ranging wildly in price, what did you pay for yours for reference? >>264 I'd like to avoid spending more than 100 bucks, but if there's enough of a quality jump I'd be willing to go as far as 200. I also understand I need to do sound deadening in my recording room or this is all for nothing.
If you’re serious you will need a few high dollar investments. Mostly in mic and capturing system (Webcam, Tobii, Kinect or vr set). That alone is around 200-300 unless it’s vr in which case it’s way more. Models vary widely, I got mine for 150 but I’m planning on an upgrade anyway when the artist I want opens comms.
>>265 if you want something small, not that expensive and discreet I recommend a rode lavalier go if you want to invest a bit more, I am really happy with my rode nt-usb and also hear good things about the AT2020USB for these you might also consider a boom arm so you can have it close to your face
>>266 To be clear, I'm not a vtuber nor do I plan to be due to financial limitations; this is for audio recording clarity only
>>265 I paid approximately $100 for my Blue Nessie if I recall correctly. Start with RTX Voice, see how it works for you. With that combination, you can listen to a recording here: https://vocaroo.com/l32anF94gxX What issue with your current setup are you trying to remedy?
>>269 Thanks. As I said in my initial post, my current mic is a cheap headset mic, and I'd like to get something that i can drop a pop filter on and shove my head in a soundproof box to get clean audio out of. I'll try RTX first and see how much of an improvement it is. Long term I'd like to look into vtubing, but right now audio is priority number one.
Please remember to tell Iri to fuck off. He should never be welcomed or interacted with at all. He's a whiney little frilly fella of a coward and doesnt even deserve to be spoken to like he's a person. He's a piece of shot wrapped in trash.
>>271 Just gonna suggest that be deleted... and remind Iri he has a large karmic burden to atone for.
>>272 I'm not rushing to censor people, as there are undoubtedly people who have those opinions of iri rightfully, everyone has their histories. I'm open to discourse regarding targeted insults though. If it becomes a thread hijacking topic and devolves into shittering and trolling or intense harassment it's an easy thing to solve, but as of now I'm not so sure action is required.
>>271 >or interacted with at all isn't that the opposite of what you are doing? just your triggering at the uterence of their mention and saying all that shit (even if you don't give you's) makes them post even more shit about iri
for no reason at all, i'm going to just randomly say we shouldnt eat bait here, i feel like that doesnt have to be said but im just saying it, for no reason at all though
At this point it’s like watching an NPC. Have you heard of the high elves?
(38.22 KB 508x514 1591555385451.png)
What do you folks think about tweaking the FDR logo a bit?
>>293 what about it?
>>294 That is the tweaked version, inspired by a certain dusky lady in a sweatshirt.
>>295 im realizing that i have no idea what the original looks like then, i don't know what the differences are between the old and new tweaked one
(36.39 KB 508x514 fdr.png)
>>296 took out the t0ms
>>297 Yep, it was a bit of a random shower thought. The sweatshirt kinda hit me in the feels a while back so it stuck in my head and it felt like a logical tweak to the logo after thinking about it. Not only to distance FDR from Digi, but to avoid any potential issues he may take with it in the future as he continues to... well... be Digi.
Good morning. Reminder that even though you’re dorks, you’re valid dorks.
>>311 Didn't expect a Zen-style post, but I approve. Thank you.
>>312 Welcome. Nerd.
is it cool if I just hang out here until the next thread?
>>314 Of course. I can't promise a whole lot of activity, though.
>>314 yee >>315 is right xd
>>316 Normally, I prefer a slow day on the main thread, but today felt like justice. Get some rest, update that logo on our official channels, and continue to support the community. https://youtu.be/HKtsdZs9LJo
>>317 >update that logo on our official channels how about no
>>322 Ok, care to elaborate on that? There wasn't any opposition to the idea when I proposed it to both threads weeks ago. I don't have to tell you what baseless obstruction smells like, do I?
>>323 yeah because one sided pushing is also good I didn't oppose it because I thought it was a joke or you were a shitter I don't want the logo changed just because someone is afraid digi will be able to dmca something because it has a slight resemblance to tom what you removed was a simplified version of her laughing man icon that even she is still currently using if you want to change something like that you could at least make a poll and not assume everyone is on your side
>>324 and even if it is of tom, its transformative enough that he can't do shit about it
>>324 Bloody hell, little brother. Shit posters don't provide substance or reasoning. The circle in the body of the tom kinda removes any ambiguity of what it is supposed to be, but you did give me an idea and I will be putting a poll up in the thread with three options. May take a minute, as I am not an artfag.
>>326 >Shit posters don't provide substance or reasoning. it can be if the substance or reasoning is shit there is no evidence he even could dmca such simple design if you get that I might accept it because even if he could I just say let him have the work first and then we change
(36.33 KB 508x514 FDR1.png)
(38.22 KB 508x514 FDR2.png)
(39.65 KB 508x514 FDR3.png)
>>327 >Hey, maybe we should make this minor change so we don't get sued by an egotistical cumrag. >Days later, egotistical cumrag escalates things with Mel. Seems like a pretty good reason on its own considering how DMCA happy everyone is getting. That was still only half it, though. The other (more important) half was to distance us from that toxic little shit stain and show Mel a bit of solidarity. A sort of "if she won't use the toms, neither will we".
https://www.strawpoll.me/21259182/r +1 vote for tom removal from the underworld (4656666). Give it a few more days if you wish, but that count is in the ballpark of our voting average.
Not related, just wanted to share a laugh. https://youtu.be/hd3BFzJhdGU
pmg is in a sad state
>>339 Yes... yes it is.
>>339 >>340 I don't get it, maybe I'm emotionally distant from it. It feels like failed fabricated drama for me. Thing were way worse back in July.
>>341 I'm not upset with /pmg/, just disappointed.
My last game suggestion was a big hit... on twitter. Probably because only one person from /pmg/ actually tried it. So, because I don't tweet, I'm going to leave a little list of games that stood out for one reason or another in the effort to make someone's day a little better on the off-chance they look here. >The Grim Reaper Who Reaped My Heart! (Final) https://fap-nation.com/the-grim-reaper-who-reaped-my-heart/ Short and sweet. Good animation quality and cute designs. Light and safe with the kinks. I'll put this in the "Easy Mode" category. >Lessons in Love (WIP) https://djnostyle.itch.io/lessons-in-love?download A bit like if DDLC was a porn game. Hilarious writing and clever commentary for the eagle eyed (Ponies are literal trash). Some of the kinks and topics may be uncomfortable (incest, self harm, anorexia), so going to put this in "Normal Mode". >Ravager (WIP) https://4minutewarning.itch.io/ravager This little power fantasy stood out for a few reasons. First, this game has more kinks than a secretary's land-line phone and a toggle to disable the content you don't want to see. Second, some of the writing is hilarious (Oh aye, a few coins will make me have a cunt the size of an apple cart). Third, it was the only game I ran into where you play a dragon. Not a cute little animu dragonboi, a fuckin dragon. Because "vanilla" in this game involves a two foot long "Bad Dragon", I'm going to put this into "Darksouls Mode"... you filthy degenerate.
I’m just gonna avoid it from now on. Less IPs, more constant hate, at this point I’m just in that sunk cost fallacy where I hate myself for giving anyone the time of day when all I seem to get in return is transphobia and everything bad blamed on me. So like, fuck it. Vocal part wanted me gone and they won. And they wonder why silver and Mel don’t show up.
>>343 Are VN's really games, anon? Is pressing next for four hours really gameplay?
>>345 They’re basically choose your own adventure books. I think they count.
>>344 if this is who I think it is. it was really fucked up what happened to you. and I'm sorry that there are some shit heads that are overly obsessed with this grudge they have against you. the ramifications of what happened to you on the 4chan side of /PMG/ is actually pretty bad. either one or multiple people have learned how to use multiple devices and or IP to Mass report comments to get them deleted and get people band.
>>347 Doesn’t matter anymore. They’ll move on to biz or lily, or send Moka running again, or just start throwing fits about Melody’s future.
>>344 Not to be a dick, but it is 4chan at the end of the day. What did you expect? You turn into a waifu and everyone suddenly loves you like they do Mel? Never going to happen. Also reminder that /pmg/ loses their mind when mel does something they dont like as well. So it's not all rosy. Moka is a darling and everyone seems to love her, but yet she was still scared off for a while because of some idiots from 4chan probably. Lily is a darling that everyone loves and she probably also gets people shitting on her in her dm's and what not. What hope did you think you had when two people who everyone in /pmg/ seems to love, gets shit? And im not saying you should just give up. Just ignore /pmg/. Stay away from it, or a least stop outting yourself as iri, stop posting your stream, just be anon. Grow your community away from /pmg/. Or alternatively, just ignore me because I really dont know what im talking about and am just a random pleb.
>>350 Know what I expected? Months before I debuted I asked the thread who to talk to and they sent me to Lily. When she came in and was like “hey this person might actually be great” the thread was somewhat interested. That drove me to do a lot, to get a better model instead of the scuffed VRoid one I had made, to actually fix issues I had previously thought were “easy to ignore”, and to start working on a nice community hub. I know it’s 4chan but it was encouraging at the start. Now it’s just emotionally draining and moving goalposts. And I was fine with suggestions from it but now I’m like “well if I do x they’ll just not be happy and think I’m only doing it for validation”. It’s an entirely toxic mentality.
>>351 some people will never look past some things you do, and other people will simply never like you. you already knew some people didn't have a high opinion of you there and you decided to poke them anyway.
>>351 Your expectations were woefully misplaced. No long-lasting community can survive where anonymity is the norm. Its no success of trolls, nor failure of veterans, its just a feature of the format. Attempting to build anything permanent on it is like investing in glacial ice. I told you in my feedback >>258 that your previous actions would be a difficult thing to overcome. Objectively speaking, you pissed people off and then asked them to watch you stream without any real effort to rebuild the bridge you burned (that I have seen). Repeatedly advertising your stream merely had an antagonistic effect. I don't hold grudges and I have no dog in that fight, but even as an outside observer, I could see you were going about it the wrong way. My suggestion is to start your own discord server. Put the link in your twitch info. Assign a couple mods who can act objectively, not friends. You will get hate visitors, so set up your permissions before opening it to the public. Stream regularly, be good, don't take bait, and don't be a drama queen. If you can maintain that, you will do ok.
>>353 i thought >>351 was biz not iri, but i could be wrong, but you do have valid points still
>>354 imo thought it was iri because of >everything bad blamed on me
>>354 >i could be wrong As could I. When anonymity is the norm, accountability and recognition are impossible.
>>343 Thanks dad, I will take your suggestion and add Ravager to my queue because I am enjoying Lessons in Love so much. I've been feeling a bit apathetic recently and I think it stemmed from pmg. I don't want to blame them but it just spurred this 'mood' that I've been in. disappointed overall and it doesn't feel like a comfy place for me as of now.
>>357 The realization that a place or person that you'd spent your time an energy enjoying and loving, doesn't care for you the same way, or isn't progressing in the way you'd like is a hard thing to come to terms with. I've known one or two content creators that came to the same conclusion, they tried to continue on and hope it got better and it did for one of them, but the other seems to have just disappeared.
>>358 Yeah..I've spoken about it in private before but that sums it up. Not progressing, not giving me back the energy that I put out, overall disappointment for now.
>>357 Darlin, you are really diving into the deep end if you try Ravager. Not really one I suggest as a "this is good, you should play it"... more like, "if you have these kinks, this was well made". The writing and voice acting was entertaining, but consider yourself warned. Here there be dragons. 4chan is a bit of a wild and volatile anonymous blob, so I hope you don't take anything any anons say too seriously. Just do what makes you feel comfy, be safe, and talk to the folks who are close to you. We will always be there for you if you need us.
>>353 The problem with "shilling" is way worse than people getting annoyed at the streamer doing it desu, now that haters know there's more people that don't like them, I wouldn't be surprised someone would be sick enough to monitor Iri or Biz just to know when they're streaming and pretend to be them shilling to set the place on flames and blame them yet again. They probably must already know 1) it's not a good idea to do it anymore, do as >>353 said and build your audience out of there with the folks you already got, be anonymous, and 2) there's no putting the genie back in the bottle, sadly, so we'll never know who's doing it for sure and you'll gotta live with it even if you're honest to god not "shilling" anymore - until the haters forget about you. It's sad really because people are walking on eggshells when thinking about sharing anyone new, see for example Mira doing cb: >A: "Mira's doing cb guys!" >B: "Stop shilling, no-one ever talked about her here until now" >thread goes up in flames instead of people either enjoying her or ignoring it >A stops talking about it but keeps watching her >B: "I wonder where the Mira shills have gone, like I said nobody likes her" >C: "/pmg/ is dead"
>>357 distance yourself emotionally from /pmg/ just use it a source of horny autistic entertainment, don't ever base your happiness on it I've been disappointed and thought "fucking retard(s)" pretty much daily at shit that goes on in the threads imo order some nuggies, talk to people close to you, grab some blankies, watch anime and ride the mood >>358 /pmg/ (or any fanbase of this kind for that matter) is never really loving, just lusty with loving camo over it, sure some people can be but not the overwhelming majority viewing it as loving is a mistake and in a place such as 4ch that turns moods on a dime even more not to speak of the haters, baiters, and simps/whiteknights that feed/eat shit off of each other
>>362 I'm not referring to /pmg/ specifically, rather it's just a general statement.
i miss the pmg from a few months ago. i used to wake up every morning super excited to check the thread and talk to others and see what we were doing and work with FDR and write letters to cheer up waifus and work on self improvement, but now it just feels like anyother general thread. it isnt dead id bet it will last for months to years, but i think some of the fire has died in it at least for me. Maybe we could bring back that spark, but i dont know how. I wanna go back to this summer where FDR was on top of the world and we just met lily and moka and do it all again. I'm not trying to doomer or anything im just missing the past.
>>362 >don't ever base your happiness on it this is the part i struggle with because it started bleeding out from /pmg/. I've been getting twitter DMs from rando accounts talking major shit. Its easy to dismiss the thread because its anons but there's something that adds more validation to whats said when they're allegedly off anon.
>>365 just because they have names doesn't mean what they say matter and why not block dms from people you don't follow?
>>366 This sounds dumb but i've met a lot of my close friends through random DMs during my short stint lewdposting. Get nice compliments, some constructive feedback, or just straight up "holy shit you have a twitter?!" from people who i knew from discords. I dunno, it's stupid.
>>361 Can confirm this. I sent Mira a DM a few days ago, and she said that she basically didn't feel comfortable posting in the threads because of all the arguments about Mira shills. She loves us and lurks every so often, but I don't know how we're supposed to talk about newer waifus when randos are just gonna call shilling on them. >>364 Yeah, this is a thing. Before July, you had your people complaining about Silver simps, but people still really cared and liked Mel and Mouse. We were excited when Silver tried for Partner, failed, then applied again. Sure, there was plenty of horny to go around, but we tried to be positive to the waifus. Silver liked the Labcoats! Then July happened, and it went belly-up. The Vtuber chat didn't get ruined because of outside influencers getting tubersonas. It was just... us. >>366 Blocking people can only do so much. There comes a time when there are so many people dogpiling your mentions/DMs where it just becomes a trial to just log on. Which is the point of dogpiling. So it's either be a martyr and live miserably in defiance of shitters, or just run away, which the shitters want. There's no winning, the shitters just get tired and don't dogpile as much one day.
Biz here. Yeah, /pmg/ is in a shit state. The thing is though, I think we're at the point where we don't need it anymore. Between here, Twitter, and discord servers like The Garden, I don't really spend much time there anymore. I don't really see the situation improving any time soon either. Maybe Jannies should /pmg/ threads for a while for a bit of a circuit breaker.
>>368 When I was prepping to become a waifu I watched a lot of talks and read a lot of stuff about dealing with an online community that is trying to rip you apart. I did so because I assumed it was a matter of time before platforms began trying to cancel me for being a 4chan waifu, but there’s no real difference between pmg shitters and Twitter screechers. The secret is that you need a base. You need a place like the hazmat above said, where you can be excited and happy to check it every morning. It cant be somewhere like Twitter where you can’t control who is in the group. It certainly can’t be a place like pmg where you can’t even know the number or scale or source. Love those places. Enjoy those places. Help make those places happier. Do /not/ let them be your home base
(7.85 KB 727x105 q3s27vtQjG.png)
>>368 >Blocking people can only do so much I didn't mean block people 1 by 1
>>364 >>368 >>369 newer people coming in will always change the dynamic of a group, for good or ill. maybe i've just been on the website long enough to become desensitized to it but the threads are really no worse than anything else on the site. >>370 one should never think of 4chan as a community. anonymity lowers the investment anyone has in the group, because their belonging is no longer tied to how they act or what they say, so there's little reason to police those things. 4chan is a place to go to see what the internet can make or something or think of something. like you said, by all means visit, shoot some shit, mention things you like or don't like, but do not come to 4chan for camaraderie or support. you will only be disappointed. make your own place in the sun.
(208.50 KB 1966x2794 EeSTe6IUEAEjW-4.jpg)
I approve Biz tease shots btw
>>373 wait I missed the real deal on her twitter wtf
Been reading an older manga, Re: Marina. Not sure if I'd really recommend it as a subjectively good series, but a couple things in the story kinda hit home for me.
>>326 >Bloody hell, little brother. i'm realizing now people thought that was me, sorry no, i've been fine with it the whole time, sorry i didn't clarify, i missed this ^^;
>>376 I could bring up the cognitive effects of an erratic sleep schedule, but that may be low-hanging fruit and I'm not in a very strong position to argue the point these days. The misunderstanding was mine. Anonymity is a bit more trouble than its worth.
Because today is a stream day and stream days are historically (and objectively) a rancid steaming pile of hot garbage for the main thread, here is a little something to occupy the folks without compulsive excrement-devouring habits. https://stawer.itch.io/lucky-paradox https://runey42.itch.io/harem-hotel https://altosandherdone.itch.io/the-headmaster https://komisari.itch.io/heros-harem-guild https://hizor.itch.io/uni They're decent, free, and have a variety of kinks to explore. Just remember to go out and get some sun between fapping/schlicking marathons. I suspect most of you have a vitamin D deficiency (no, not that kind, ya perv) and that can have long-term effects. Take care of yourselves.
>>378 Going to put a star on the Hero's Harem Guild suggestion. Their recent update was pretty good. The story has some feels, the writing has some good comedic timing, and the art/animations are aesthetically pleasing.
Can I interest you in Yakuza
I think the /PMG/ thread on 4chan got deleted
>>387 Yeah. I guess we remake and see if it happens again, sucks we don't know why it was deleted though.
>>388 don't know what happened. it was just sitting there on page 7. and I refreshed and gone
>>389 Jannies deleted it
>>390 I hope they start deleting more of them with all this off topic shit going on. Just talk about Melody and LewdTubers not a bunch of useless shitty twitch thots. It's not that fucking hard.
(598.88 KB 3840x2160 84584923_p1.jpg)
Don't overwork yourselves. Good luck with the site!
>>393 I will admit all the shitters coming in dogpiling froot or whoever happens to be the current flavor is getting fucking stupid. but you need to stop with the mall Cop impression and trying to dictate on what vtuber you can and cannot talk about in the thread.
>>396 Is a porn board for talking about porn characters doing porn. So why is the majority of the fucking thread about people who dont and have said they never will do any fucking porn?
>>398 Adjacent issues are on-topic because of how much of an effect they have. We have been doing so for about nine months now. We made a video to try dealing with people sending suicide notes in their tips and spending wisely. Do you remember why? Are you up on your lore or are you just a purity troll?
It's going to be one of "THOSE" days
>>402 Which is a better ne for a tread that talks mostly about a bunch of girls that dont do porn? The one that names the group, or the one that makes porn?
>>402 I posted some possible alternatives to reading the thread up above if going for a run isn't currently an option. Life is too short to be angry at random drama on the internet.
Going to add Polarity to the list. It has some good writing and the music actually adds to the atmosphere, rather than being crappy elevator porn tunes. Still "in progress" like most, but a neat little game well worth the price (free). https://sir-dammed.itch.io/polarity I know the main thread can be... trying at times. 4chan has always roughly resembled a shoggoth. About 10% quality, 90% amorphous abomination. So, when it gets a bit too much and you are waiting on a stream or something, I would advise spending time with one of the suggested games or doing something else (like the plank!) rather than wade through the muck. Try to get some exercise, cut back on some of your more hazardous "vices", get some decent rest at regular intervals, and just take care of yourselves. If you can't do it for yourself, I ask that you do it for me.
>>406 w..wh..what part of a shoggoth is 'quality'?
>>407 The tentacles, obviously.
(161.24 KB 659x331 DammitMoka.png)
Lessons in Love got an update. Not sure how many folks check this place, but I've seen people ask about it and I don't tweet. Let me know if I'm just clogging up the place and I might just start.
Voicefag here; I'm no longer going to be visiting the /aco/ thread as it's simply unuseable now, so if my services are ever needed again you can find me here or through the emergency channel.
>>414 Roger that, brother. You will never be alone in the community.
>>414 be safe during the holidays friend!
>>415 >>416 Thanks fellas.
>>414 Glad to have you here anon.
>>414 Glad we didn’t lose you for good voiceanon. I know it doesn’t look like progress is being made on the site but we’re doing backend work I promise
i guess i should post it here because my other call may have been drowned out in the thread. When are we doing that vote on the old script vs new script, or does anyone have any advice on revising it? Id like us to try to get a bit of work done. Maybe if we are luck and work nose to the grindstone we could get it done before Christmas or even just after the new year.
>>420 >>423 Can't get rid of me that easily, especially since Melody is responsible for getting me into the Vtuber rabbit hole and I now live there outside of work. >>424 If we need a rerecording or any other voicework done sound off and I'll jump on it. Ordering a new mic with student loan refund this coming semester for a music project so if we're still doing these I'll have better sound quality then.
>>425 sounds good to me. You do great work and have really made this project come together. To catch you up weve just talked about possibly redoing the health and wellness psa , but nothing is definitive yet and we would have to put it to a vote first.
So are we just a twitch streamer thread now? Just competely dropped the pretense of any kind of porn at all at this point?
Thread got deleted.
>>438 I reported it for being off topic.
>>439 You're a good anon egg.
Also Merry Late Christmas.
you bunch of dumb ass mother fyckers cant even follow the simplest of fucking rules when they're fucking spelled out right too you. are you all fucking retarded?
>>442 to quote Silver get fucked
>>443 I got the frozen generals banned and I'll fucking do the same to the lot of you frilly fellas.
>>442 >>444 I thought you didn’t like the meta-site <3 I thought no one used it?
>>442 You're even dumber for not knowing that you can get banned off this site piss-easy.
Lookin kinda dead these days but as good a place as any. What has to happen for some rando to take off as a vtuber, lewd or not?
>>447 Decent motivations and consistency in content creation. A gimmick helps too sometimes but isn’t always necessary
Someone please let art-advice-seeking lovely that he can DM me on discord or twitter, I'm fine either way <3 Salty anti-moka anons keep reporting the obvious Lily-posts and getting me warnings for off-topic :D I assume they tried the same for Vei's posts and thought it worked, hence the "oooh nooo all our waifus have left" talk this afternoon: they thought we were all banned. How the hell do you fuck up a mass report?
FD here, I've been away for a month. Has anyone moved forward with the project? I made sure all the resources were posted prior to my leave of absence. If not, I'll (try to) see where things stand tomorrow and come up with a game plan.
>>450 I believe editanon is on the verge of being ready to go, I thought he said he was ready after one final look-over, but that was many many threads ago. Lots and lots of new blood, a bit more VShojo-focused, means there are a lot of anons now who don’t even know FDR, so the scattered attention span problem seems worse
Putting this here also, so it doesn't get lost. >https://www.strawpoll.me/42409689
>>447 Ask Iri they seem to be doing well
Paging Voiceanon. Going to need your lines recorded for the second half if you are willing.
>>454 >>455 I'm here; someone shunt me a script and I'll go get my good mic set up again. Also jesus christ I was not prepared for all that. Excuse me while I fill a quilt with my sweat.
>>456 https://pastebin.com/LpRbyNZR It was only ever joked about, not sure anyone was prepared. Reminds me of this... https://youtu.be/AcNK7M2eCI4?t=37
>>459 https://www.mediafire.com/file/wjl85tdp8hlo6ld/Vocaroo_02_Sep_2020_19_32_31_EDT_1lF4YNnSiGZ6.mp3/file Old recording from September, my good mic is unavailable for another take at the moment, but I'll jump on it if we need or want one.
>>460 Rock on. I'll ask the main thread if they have any issue with using some still images for part 2 and get started on some visual direction for the art. Should be a new experience... I'll also get the thread started on a twitter post tomorrow. Definitely tomorrow.
Posting this draft of the twitter post here as well just in case. >Studies show that a healthy community leads to a happy waifu, with long-term benefits for both. Join us in the first of two videos with guidelines on how to do your part.
I didn't get any feedback on the visuals on the main thread (in a moment of calm, too). Is there any objection to a simple storyboard for the second part of the video? I've already written some visual direction and a friend has agreed to give it a shot.
>>463 I think a simple storyboard would be just fine, and absolutely better than stalling out. If I recall correctly, a resounding silence has always been the answer for “looks/sounds good” even in the past PSA work...folks aren’t near as shy speaking up when they think an idea is shit
>>464 Good enough for me. Most of the pauses in production (months ago) were from waiting on some random anon wanting to do "something else". I'm done waiting around. Just let me know when to pump the brakes.
>>464 >...folks aren’t near as shy speaking up when they think an idea is shit horsefeathers, since I'm still the voice of this thing somehow
>>466 >somehow Best man for the job, literally my first choice, and ya beat me fair and square twice in the polls.
>>467 I stopped trying after the second time.
>>468 Always gonna give it a shot. To provide an alternative and to make sure he doesn't get *too* comfortable.
>>469 I stopped because I just got fewer votes each time. I forgot I put in something for TCW as well.
Voicefag here; I've been open about wanting competition since day 1, so when the next round comes, challenge me for the mic!
(116.26 KB 480x1350 psa3_test.jpg)
(97.88 KB 480x810 psa3_test2.jpg)
Test drawings for approval, or input, for Part 2. Going with a middle ground between the title cards of PSA1, and the animatic of PSA2. Stripped down, with Instructor Hazmat in the foreground going over the background images for the narrator. I'm also adding in suggested editing points for the images in my copy of the script. I can also keep the Instructor drawings separate so that editanon, if he wants to, can pick and choose from several Hazmats to match what he thinks could work best.
Paging Editanon. Are you waiting on something?
>>460 Requesting a re-read on a portion of the recording. Editanon can hopefully splice in the correction without any trouble. Can also probably cut the last bit and just end it on "Thank you for continuing to support us". >Don't feel entitled to special attention. Audio skip on "*pecial".
Anon delivered on his promise, here are the images he provided along with visual direction. Just need that one line of the recording fixed and should be good to go. More work! How exciting! You folks may not get a whole lot of thanks for any of this and mine might not mean much, but I do sincerely thank you. This project would not have gone nearly as smoothly without your efforts. >PT2 Images: https://mega.nz/folder/hHJkib7Z#8fehr4o2Im2ljzOORDwJEw Twitter post (as a reply and whatever a "Fleet" is): >A healthy community leads to a happy waifu, with long-term benefits for both. Join us in the first of two videos with guidelines on how to do your part.
>>475 One of the keyholders here: when it's done I'll upload to YT, throw a "I'm going to post this by X unless there are strong objections" style blurb to the main and meta, and then send it out
>>476 Thank you.
>>474 >>475 https://voca.ro/1cYNstbIfiLq let me know if we need more takes; I have a relatively quiet house for the next hour or so.
This is the "small" version editanon posted a while back. Its 720p, I don't know what the resolution for the past uploaded videos are. The Twitter post is just above. I'll post in the main thread for a final "go". >https://mega.nz/file/f11UFY7C#xafxzEb3GDyqKeCdjfmmU1liAkrZ3SPwM_xHNj4QMx0
FDR update: Scriptanon reached out to us and the FDR YouTube is now unlocked. I'll be uploading PSA3 this evening (and post a link here and in main to the unlisted vid), and if there aren't objections by the morning will tweet it out. Really good work in the face of some serious upheaval, resource and coordination problems, and culture shift. I'm really really proud <3
>>485 Well done lads.
>>485 Can any of you suggest a decent free video maker? I'm going to take a very bad swing at making part 2.
>>487 >decent >free (legally) You're basically limited to free trials of paid editors or trying out OpenShot which is decent. I had to use it on Linux since it was the only thing available for the platform at the time. There are other options like Lightworks but I've not tried any of them myself. Godspeed anon.
Another excellent upload from Fringe Division Research https://twitter.com/FringeResearch_/status/1359608320684916740?s=20
Didn't get a reply in the main thread, so I'll ask here as well. Does anyone know if editanon ever listed a mega with the movie resources? Particularly the title cards and intro/outro music.
(366.64 KB 1914x1043 FirstTime01.png)
>Reposting from main thread. Paging editanon. I've got all the images timed to the audio and is probably about as good as I can do at present, what format do you need this in to be able to add the finishing touches?
Reposting from the main thread with a tweak. >Feedback on the video was pretty thin here and the folks I asked to look at it personally gave it a thumbs up, so I'm going to suggest publishing it. Here is a draft for the tweet. Feedback and alterations are requested. >And now, we bring you part two of our Personal Health PSA. Learn about some of the pitfalls you may face and a few methods to overcome them. PSA 3 Part 2: >https://mega.nz/file/7lsSgCTT#YLO0W1RINNMj4VdYSOzmrmKfqst5HTvbDMDmRa5IuRo Also, wanted to link a video that relates to creatives, but not necessarily vtubing or /pmg/. https://youtu.be/lURh3vvMlfc
A little something for Kuro that I found in another thread. https://mobile.twitter.com/Barefoot05NSFW/status/1300553023987605511
>>499 Keyholder here, I'm unable to upload the PSA tonight for health reasons: I apologize and am taking mitigation measures to ensure I can upload tomorrow. The title-plate for this PSA reads "4", I'd suggest we title it "PSA 4" rather than "PSA 3 Part 2" (both to match the title plate, and because consistent formatting has value). If there's no feedback on that when I upload I'll stay with the original plan and title it "PSA 3 Part 2"
>>501 The rename is fine by me. The title was just a byproduct of the "lets split it in two" vote. You take care of yourself. Everyone's physical and mental wellbeing is kinda the whole point of this little project, after all.
(44.35 KB 642x590 statsForDoomers.png)
>>502 The patience is very much appreciated. Upload underway
PSA 4 has been uploaded https://youtu.be/YXRT_ln95hQ If there are no issues noted regarding the upload process, I will make the video public and tweet out the link this evening. Seeking input for the tweet message here and in the main thread.
>>506 Thank you. I have a few of my own goblins to slay with this release, as some streamers may take it personally if they see it. Hopefully, the next one goes smoothly. Speaking of which... >Next Project Poll: https://www.strawpoll.me/42720155
I’m flabbergasted at the lack of research people in thread refuse to do when they talk about things. Crying digi and purple and saying snuffy has best tracking when they don’t even know the first thing about anything they’re talking about is nonsensical :( I have no idea where to bring anything up because they dismiss it then hold such a harsh stance, it hurts my brain cells
>>509 Try constructing your discussion differently, preferably with sources for facts and indications for which parts are your opinion. Today is actually a good day to bring up this very topic...
>>509 Maybe retry this post with actual evidence and context so you don't look like the umpteenth troublemaker to try to shit up threads?
Playing DJ for a moment to entertain and rescue anon from a song stuck in their head. May be a little metal-heavy, but I'll try to give a bit of variety... >https://youtu.be/5-mT9D4fdgQ >https://youtu.be/1EX11Xi4pak >https://youtu.be/HKtsdZs9LJo >https://youtu.be/U2Kc8WSwjq8 >https://youtu.be/9X7hmPulg0c >https://youtu.be/M_ipWtjyuIM >https://youtu.be/DL_KyJpRuKU
fit dad i should have the script v 1 done by tomorrow night i just sent it to a few friends to give me some advice on edits and as soon as its done ill link it
>>514 I appreciate your efforts. Take your time and post it when you're comfortable with it.
here is the script i did im also gonna post it in pmg. Sorry for it taking so long i got lazy over the weekend https://pastebin.com/wxSh0QNB
>>516 Quite alright, this is purely voluntary. You have my thanks.
Is this a thread to talk about the thread in /aco/, or is this supposed to be a parallel discussion?
>>519 its essentially both a bunker for when the regular thread goes to shit , but also for when people need to talk about something specific that isnt exactly on topic for the other thread.
so since pmg is determined to tear itself apart any advice on stuff to change the script?
>>522 No more than what I already gave. Hell, I was a bit concerned I overdid it, going full editor mode. I see 100 views on the script, so at least 20 enthusiastic people have looked at it without speaking up. Didn't notice the OP dropped the link from the thread, I'll put out a ping again tomorrow morning.
thank fitdad im taking down all the notes rn and will see what i can do over the weekend.
>>524 This is what I have at present, the second draft of the script (posted above) with the two or three tweaks suggested in the thread with all the notes and bullet points added to the bottom. https://pastebin.com/JHcPBrYy
(672.38 KB 840x859 1849489485454.png)
>>525 sorry for lazing around for a week or two ill get another draft going and done by tonight. Thank you for collecting everything and being patient with me.
>>529 Don't worry about it, I appreciate every bit of input or feedback. This has always been a community project. You folks steer the ship, I'm just the engineer.
I have another little VN suggestion. One that is significantly less deviant (mostly) than my previous suggestions, but well written and with a story that resonates strongly. The artwork is well done, the scenes are well put together, the music feels nostalgic, and I'm pretty sure the plot gave me diabetes. Look up Changeling Tale. There are a couple places to get it (Fap-Nation, F95), but I'll link the steam page with the free demo. It goes up to 70% on the furry chart, if that's a deal breaker. Run it through an anti-virus if you get it anywhere other than steam (as you should be doing anyway). >https://store.steampowered.com/app/1232870/Changeling_Tale/
so uh we are doing the psa with draw pictures and stuff? should i adjust the script a bit accordingly or should i just leave as is?
>>538 Yep, that's the plan we are going ahead with. I haven't really received much in the way of feedback, so I'll give it one more pass-through for grammar and such. When I finish, I'll put up a link and poll to see if everyone is ok with it. I'm a bit under the weather, so it might be sometime this weekend. If you would like to provide some visual direction so the artist has an idea of what to draw, that would be a big help.
Second editing pass, as I promised. Poll to finalize will be on Monday, as long as I remember. https://pastebin.com/rh2U0WHP
The strawpoll, as promised. https://www.strawpoll.me/44434799
>>539 oh sure ill get on that ( sorry i didnt check in here for a week)
PSA 5 Script (Final) https://pastebin.com/kDWVMTf1 Requesting the services of voiceanon.
>>546 You rang? I'll have a quiet house Wednesday night. How many takes you want?
>>547 One or two is fine. If there are any pops or skips in the audio, I'll splice in the good bits or bug you for a short redo. Splicing in the correction last time was pretty easy, thanks to your efforts.
>>548 Glad to hear it; redos shouldn't be a problem if you're available to check the audio night-of, otherwise it will be friday before I can get to my mic again.
>>554 Thanks for your work, as always. I'm extending the deadline for alternates to tomorrow morning, just in case anyone else wants to try to take down the champion.
>>555 I welcome all challengers!
Auditions are closed. Voiceanon has two challengers for this round. Good luck to all three of you. https://www.strawpoll.me/45235535
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